About Us Board Members

SEM Etsuro Honda (Honorary President)

Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland.


Herbert Haag (President)

Founder and President of Re-insurance PartnerRe Ltd. (retired).
Director of Swiss Re (until 1993) and Director of Swiss Re business unit in Japan (1975-1984).

Herbert Haag

Dr. Elizabeth Borner-Mouer

Advisor, EFG Bank Monaco/Zurich (2005- ).
Lecturer in Japanese Studies ETH/University of Zurich (1987-2010).
Director, EFG Bank Monaco (2002-2004).
Senior V-President, Head of Capital Markets, Yamaichi Bank Switzerland (1986-1998).
Master’s Degree, Keio University (Tokyo).

Elizabeth Borner

Kyoko Ginsig-Morone (Vice President)

Teacher of Japanese language and calligraphy.
Japanese narration and recitation.
Intercultural communication and translation in Japanese and German.
Born and raised in Japan and since 1983 in Switzerland.

Kyoko Ginsig

Marianne Häni-Lerch (Managing Director)

Translator’s diploma, textile artist and family manager.
During the past years, intensive studies of Japanese language and culture.

Marianne Häni-Lerch

Hans Walter Keller

Retired member of the Board of Management, Credit Suisse.
Representative in Tokyo 1972 – 1976.

Hans Walter Keller

Tomoko Kobayashi

Executive Director Wealth Management UBS Switzerland AG, Zurich, since 2007.
Capital Markets and Private Banking Nikko Bank (Switzerland) AG and Mizuho Bank (Switzerland) AG (1989 - 2007).
Bachelor of Arts, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan.
CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst.

Tomoko Kobayashi

Beatrice Martin

Owner of a psychotherapeutic practice for painting-, arts- and physical therapy.
Lived in Tokyo from 1958-1972.

Beatrice Martin

Michael F. J. Schmid (Treasurer)

Senior Information Technology Project Manager, Treasurer and Webmaster.
Married to a Japanese national.

Michael F. J. Schmid

Satoshi Sugimoto

Deputy Head Communication Switzerland, Novartis International AG (2007- ).
Head of Group Communications, Japan/Emerging Growth Markets, Novartis International AG (2004-2007).
Brand Manager, Novartis Animal Health KK, Tokyo (2000-2001).
Communications Officer, CIBA-GEIGY Japan Ltd., Tokyo und Takarazuka (1994-1997).

Satoshi Sugimoto

Prof. Dr. Hans Bjarne Thomsen

Professor at the University of Zurich. Chair of the East Asian Art History Section.
Dissertation on Ito Jakuchu from Princeton University.
Born in Kyoto and grew up in Japan and Denmark.

Hans Thomsen

Honorary Member:

Paul F. Laube

Owner of a textile trading company and procurement agency for Japanese companies in Europe (1970- ).
Head of a cotton trading company in Japan (1954-1958).

Paul F. Laube



Patronage Committee:

Martin Albers Zurich
Peter Brunner Rüschlikon
Christoph R. Gautier Zumikon
Walter B. Kielholz Zurich
George H. Müller Zollikerberg
Peter G. Sulzer Zurich


Dr. Katharina Epprecht